Streamer's without built in DAC options?

What options other than Auralic offer DAC free streamer options? Price up to $5-6k or less.
Would be used with Mola Mola Tambaqui and Roon Nucleus
Bricasti M5 is one. A simple unit with great sound and excellent customer service.
Why not try a Raspberry Pi with a good quality HAT like Allo DigiOne?  Run Ropiee or some other software on it. £150 all in. Even if you end up spending £3000 plus on a streamer anyway, at least you will have something to compare it with which cost you less than the discount you negotiate!

(Worth checking what the streamer you buy has inside the box. Apparently a number of them use R-Pi anyway). 
Innuos ZenithMk3 and you can get rid of the Nucleus.