Streamer recommendations

So as stated, I've been looking at streamers for a little while and what I need is somewhat specific but not THAT specific. So first, what I don't need. I don't need a dac or a preamp or wireless capability. What I do need is USB interface to the dac, ability to connect to PC or external HDD. Ability to play all the big streaming sites, mqa decoding would also be nice. The kicker is the price needs to be under 1000 $ so most likey used is something i need to do. There's a few options that do almost all that but they lack USB out. This has been rather daunting.
I use the setup described by djones and believe it is superior to when I was streaming from a pc, and it is significantly more convenient.  I added a hat dac, which you do not need, but Volumio is very user friendly and nearly foolproof.