Streamer recommendations


I am wanting to upgrade my digital source. Presently I am using a win based
 laptop with Tidal and a gig of flac files.

1. I do not need one with a DAC as I have a high quality stand alone.
2. I could use  a usb HD for my flac files  or Blue tooth my Laptop I think  for  file navigation.

I like the Bluesound 2 but wondering If I can do better for the money. Used gear is fine. 

My system is a level 3/4 Audio Note system.

Thanks for any advice. 
Innuos Zen is a good option. Comes in a number of qualities, so you can let your budget decide. 
I have the mini running Tidal and Roon. Very happy with that. 
If you can find a innuos zen mini mk2, it would be a great choice. The mk2 doesn’t have a DAC. The mkiii has a DAC in it. 
I used a zen mini for a while. Great unit. Sq is better than the node and you should be able to get it used for close to the node 2. Roon core as well.
I run an Auralic Aries Mini into an AN Dac to good effect. The  Mini is no longer produced but plenty of original Aries on the used market. Also they have the G1 and G2 Aries on the market.
Aurender. King of the road. 
Bluos a very easy and responsive platform. Node 2 just great.
Avoid maintaining and streaming files from a computer or streamer with a hard drive - too much noise, interference, jitter, etc. 

Get a Bryston BDP2 or BDP3 used on Audiogon or one of the other online marts - and install an SSD, or get an SSD and install it in a portable case with usb cable (all from Amazon) to load your files on.
Three that come to mind are:

TotalDac D1 streamer
Waversa Wcore and Wstreamer
Look at NAS capable ROON - Paul Hovenga at Many Moons Audio builds them, stable, reliable and stellar performer.

Used Bryston and used Aurender are also notable options.

Wonderful deals to be had with used Digital gear.  

What dac are you using?  What sound qualities are you desiring or wish to avoid?

I have an Audio Note dac 3.1 with Audio Note M6 phono and AN P4 Mono blocks. Tannoy MG's

I am not fond of the Bryston software. I had a BDP 1.  The usability is important. I have all my files on a portable SSD Drive.