Streamer recommendation under $3000

Hey I am looking for a network streamer. Right now I have an SOTM 200 ultra with sps 500 psu. Its nice but  I'd like something with a better on and off mechanism and that doesn't have any microsd firmware that can be corrupted. Would like a pure streamer (no DAC) and should be roon ready.

So far considering bryston bdp2 (used), sim moon mind2.
Any thoughts?

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Try an Aurender N100.
You do not say what output you need?
The N100 comes in two flavor, one is USB, one is digital coax output.

I moved to mine from a Bryston and prefer it immensely.
For myself the biggest letdown on the Bryston was the control software, Manic Moose, it was not user friendly IMHO.
I ended up setting it up as a dlna server and using bubbleupnp to control it which was much more stable.
Conductor app is Aurender and available for Apple and Android devices but seems to work better on my iPad than phone
Don't think the Aurender can be set up as a dlna renderer so I don't think any PC based software would work with the Aurender.

Their own Conductor app works well and has a similar appearance and operation to Roon but on a simplified scale.