Streamer recommendation under $3000

Hey I am looking for a network streamer. Right now I have an SOTM 200 ultra with sps 500 psu. Its nice but  I'd like something with a better on and off mechanism and that doesn't have any microsd firmware that can be corrupted. Would like a pure streamer (no DAC) and should be roon ready.

So far considering bryston bdp2 (used), sim moon mind2.
Any thoughts?
I was using a Bluesound Node 2i and wanted something better also. I bought a Lumin U1 mini. I am running this into my modified MHDT Pagoda DAC. There is a noticeable improvement over the Node in transparency and how natural the tonal balance is. I always thought the Node added a slight digital "sheen" to the music. The Lumin is much more enjoyable to listen to.


Try an Aurender N100.
You do not say what output you need?
The N100 comes in two flavor, one is USB, one is digital coax output.

I moved to mine from a Bryston and prefer it immensely.
For myself the biggest letdown on the Bryston was the control software, Manic Moose, it was not user friendly IMHO.
I ended up setting it up as a dlna server and using bubbleupnp to control it which was much more stable.
Easy, Sonore xxxRendu. They only do Ethernet-2-USB and are ROON READY. I think they invented the steamer Ethernet-2-USB field. They are very active on Computer Audiophile forum, see @Barrows and @Vortecjr.

You can even get a fibre optical network setup with the Sonore line rather cheaply (a few hundred $$), though the last few centimeters will be USB and not fibre. Why is fibre cool? It cannot carry audio noise, unlike RJ45 and USB.

The only DAC I know of that directly supports fibre input is the Lumin X1. You spend a few hundred on a network switch that supports fibre and then connect a noiseless fibre cable from the switch to the Lumin DAC/streamer.

In the future, more DACs will support the fibre like Lumin X1 already does.
Lumin U1 Mini, Auralic Aries G1 or Innuos Zen Mk III.  All streamer only and Roon Ready.
Hey guys of all the recommendations you made. Which of these devices has its own software to organize and play local music and that can be installed and controlled from windows 10 ?
I want to control my music from my pc.

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You can use JRiver on a PC, Mac, or Linux box as a DLNA control point, so it can control any steamer that can act as a DLNA renderer. That is all of them except perhaps the proprietary lines that use HEOS or BlueOS. JRiver is also excellent for library management.

Or you can use Roon on your PC/Mac and on the renderer.
@smodtactical I believe the SonicOrbiter operating system that is in the Rendu's can interface with a Windows PC using 1 of the many protocols that are supported by SonicOrbitor. You will have to do some research on that by contacting Small Green Computer or Sonore and then describe your use case.

I currently have a microRendu and it is streaming via ROON from my Windows PC. So my ethernet is connected to the Rendu and the output of the Rendu goes into my USB input on my DAC.

I personally think that the Rendu does a very good job of isolating internal computer audio noise from the DAC. I sometimes run many programs on my PC while streaming and I cannot hear any degradation in the sound.
Don't think the Aurender can be set up as a dlna renderer so I don't think any PC based software would work with the Aurender.

Their own Conductor app works well and has a similar appearance and operation to Roon but on a simplified scale.
And that conductor app doesn't work on pc right?

I emailed lumin and sim audio to ask if their apps work on windows 10.
I love roon but I don't want to pay $10 per month for it. So want to move away from it and find something similar that is a one time purchase. Going to explore these options. Thanks.
Conductor app is Aurender and available for Apple and Android devices but seems to work better on my iPad than phone
I have experience with the Bryston BDP3, Bluesound, and Melco N100.  The Bryston sounds great but has the weakest software control.  For the price, Bluesound sounds good, DAC is bypassable, and the controlling app works well, compatible with every streaming service around (Bryston and Melco both limited here).
With the possible exception of Roon, I am wary of any endpoint that works only with its own manufacturer's software. I would rather have the ability to pick a DLNA control point and server that meet my needs -- they are all different -- rather than be stuck with software developed by a hardware developer.
Look at the Bricasti M5.  It is Roon Ready and is a dedicated renderer with AES/EBU, Coax, and USB outputs and Ethernet.  Very well built and good reviews.