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Which Server?  Judging by sound quality only and assuming the prices were the same, would you choose an Aurender W20, a Lumin X1 or the Antipodes CX+EX. I realize the Lumin X1 includes a dac and the others do not. Sound quality only please, not if it supports Roon or the ease of use of it’s user interface. I know, I know, having any of these is a great problem to have. Thank you for your thoughts
W20 has been replaced by W20SE and it remains one of the best server money can buy. There are some very unique features aboard W20SE that allows user to experience the most engaging and natural soundstage, utterly honest to its source. The noise floor is non-existent. One needs to have a very capable DAC (DCS or MSB) to extract every ounce of goodness from W20SE.

IMO, SQ at this level of gear is very subjective and system dependent. I would try to audition at least couple of servers and decide which server you prefer the most in your system.

I would also add Innuos Statement to the above list. Based on what i’ve heard, Aurender and Innuos are the two best servers currently available in North America.

The two lesser known but excellent offerings from Europe are Pink Faun’s Streamer 2.16x and Taiko SGM Extreme.

Good luck!
Thank you.  I agree the Innuos Statement belongs on the list along with the Aurender W20SE.
My reason for asking about the Aurender W20, the Lumin X1 and the Antipodes CX +DX is that all three seem to be available now in the used market for about the same price.
I have only listened to the Aurender at my dealer.
When he switched out the Bluesound to the Aurender it was very different-in a good way. I believe it was a N100. This was fed to an Ayre Codex. I think the W20 is supposed to be higher up on the ladder. If so, then I would seriously consider it.
Thank you.  Any opinions on the Lumin X1 and/or the Antipodes CX+DX at the same price?
The W20 is still available. The W20 SE  is an upgraded version. Pretty sure you can upgrade the from the 20 to the Se
The Lumin X1 is a network player (streamer with DAC) which puts it in another category of products.

/ Marcus,
If I had a Lumin X1 I would first spend the $200 to buy this

to see if Fiber optical is actually noiseless. The X1 is already ROON READY so this could potentially be the simplest and cleanest sounding stream. I am not making any statements on the sound of the DAC, just the noise on the stream.
Is the unifi switch the same solution offered by small green computer with the systemoptique where you have ethernet being converted into fiber optic?
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You don't need to spend a lot of money. Take the Allo DigiOne Player for example. Also Check out the discussions on streamers at
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Hi basme85,

Unless your system is holding back, digione even signature version that I have is 70% and Nuprime Omnia S1 is 80 if the Antipodes EX alone without the CX is 90% .. I am still having all 3 in my system.

I need to share this as you are comparing usd300 digione signature with a 10x costlier usd3500 antipode EX which is sadly not realistic and most of all misleading.