streamer need...........

good morning all, i am putting together another system and need streamer only, i have 2 other existing systems i am very happy with, for reference i have the burmester 151 mk2 streamer/dac in one and i have the aurender a20 streamer/dac in the other, like both a lot.


system three is different, i have a aavik u300 with dac built into it, therefore streamer only needed, what do you guys recommend from $7500-$15000 retail




Certainly the Grimm If you want to have an as good or hopefully better performance than the present.
I haven’t heard your Burmester or Aurender, hence I add the word ‘hopefully’.

I have not heard the Grimm MU 1. It has developed quite an impressive word of mouth reputation from those familiar with it. Seems to be a legitimate contender in the upper tier of music servers/streamers. 

I recently picked up a pre-owned Antipodes EX for £2,000 (new they were £4,500) and very happy - it cleans noise on the incoming ethernet and outputs via USB or ethernet but can be expanded.

It's quite a versatile unit which can be used in lots of different ways - streamer/roon end point/roon server and even as a DAC but the latter probably not best.

I added a "P2" which expands the outputs from ethernet and USB to include I2s coax / aes etc. 

@david_ten , good call, i have a u180 and s180 at my condo, like it a lot, easy app to use as well, i found a s280 used, for about $7k, i may go with that an be done with it

however, i am going to move my aurender a20 over to the u300 and compare it with its dac before deciding,

For Qobuz and Tidal just get what i have, Aqua LinQ with HQPlayer module and a Roon Rock NUC.