Streamer for oppo 205

So I currently have an oppo 105d which has YouTube, tidal, etc directly in the player. I took a chance on a 205 which I believe does not offer any built in apps. Looking for something not terribly expensive ( a few hundred $$) preferably with an hdmi output so I can feed through the oppo.  Also looking for something with an app for YouTube- introducing my kids to classic rock and other genres through YouTube is quite fun (and it sounds good enough for them) so looking for a better experience than what the oppo 105 offers. Marantz 8802a is my front end so conceptually I could plug directly into it but I’ve played with the hdmi output (using audio quest diamond hdmi) and the balanced outputs from the oppo and it’s night and day. I presume the DAC in the 205 is superior to the 105 hence looking to utilize it.  I’m not married to any particular setup. I think the interface and usability will trump most other things here.   Any suggestions appreciated. 
I will second the Sony upb-x800.
I actually sold my OPPO once I bought the Sony as it was then basically redundant.
Video is by HDMI direct to tv.
Audio is by spdif direct into the DAC of my Ayre EX8.

However if you do not have a separate dac you maybe better off as suggested just keeping the 105 for its DAC or.....

Sell both oppos and buy a cheap but capable DAC to run the Sony into and then into Marantz.

Just some food for thought.
I think an Apple TV will fill your needs, has HDMI out, all the Apps you want
And video from Apple TV is excellent.

Just got this Marantz ND8006 to compare against my Oppo 205 as a streamer and DAC. I have to say, I was rooting for the 205, but this thing is just much more musical. I will admit it depends on your personal preference for clinical accuracy (205) versus musicality (ND8006). I am surprised at how much better the Marantz sounds... I’m listening to the Marantz streaming Tidal from the HEOS app versus the Oppo as a Roon endpoint and I very much prefer the Marantz. However, the HEOS app absolutely sucks compared to the versatility and usability of Roon.

I believe Roon will be coming to Marantz soon, and so I can make do until then.