Streamer/Devilsound or new USB-DAC for everything?

Hi, All

I have a modestly good system without the computer side: Sony SACD1 as primary SACD or as transport into MuseII DAC into Wavac MD300B (WE 300Bs) into Omega Super6 Alino single driver speaks (having given up the Koechels for space). I'm now experimenting with USB output of lossless ripped CDs and was impressed how "not bad" the sound was taken through a Music Streamer directly into the Wavac.

Given the system and small room, we're talking more small ensemble and jazz than orchestral. Love vinyl but don't have room for it. You can see my tech taste from the rest of the rig

I know the MuseII is a little long in the tooth, and technology has come a long way. So the question is whether to simply use maybe a Devilsound or MusicStreamer+ into the amp and continue using the Muse as the DAC for the SACD/CD-only input, or to replace the Muse with something that can take input from the SACD "transport" and is also USB compatable, perhaps the MHDT Havana or Ayre.

What think? And if I'm missing a better way forward, I'm all ears.
Rancho Santa Fe, CA