Streamer choices and help

I'm trying to decide which direction to go and some informed opinions could help. I've been a long time Sonos user but I want to be able to do more hires.. I currently have a Sonos ZP90 with the W4S/ Cullen re-clocker upgrade. On RBCD it sounds really excellent and I love the Sonos functionality and stability; I currently have three zones and plan on keeping two. 

I recently purchased a new Bluesound node 2i.  I've got about 100 hours of break in / use on it. The modified Sonos sounds a bit better until I switch to hires then the Node edges it out.

I'm using both as streamers feeding a Chord Qutest, which sounds amazing, and will continue to use.

I'm trying to find a single unit that will sound as good as the Sonos and the Node without being stupidly expensive. I was thinking of an Auralic Aries.. but it was discontinued, guess it was too good for too little money?? I also was thinking of the small Aurender but I don't really need a a hard drive and from what I can tell no Wifi which is a deal breaker. 

So any ideas would be helpful, maybe I missed something?
I bought a used Aries Femto, but It didn’t work out. It was kind of beat up. Then I had to chase the seller around for a bit to get my $$ back. So I bought a Auralic G1..It ticks off all the boxes! Very happy.. Sounds great easy to setup I run it wireless and it’s been rock stable. Unfortunately due to our current butthole in chief Auralic had to raise their prices I think it was Sep or August 1. So If anyone is looking for one and a dealer has one pre price increase snatch it up; or of course if someone is selling used
@Axeis1- I think the Aries G1 is one of the best streamers out there. At least I like mine very much & was unable to distinguish it from the Bricasti M5, which is about the same price but with fewer features (and a little quirkier in DLNA operation). The G1 is better sounding in my system than the Aries femto was -- though I had the latter for years and enjoyed it thoroughly.

It is too bad that Auralic had to raise their prices. As I understand it, they were hit with 25% tariffs, and they put in only a 10% increase, so the trade war can’t be good for them.
You may wish to consider the use of powerline ethernet adapters as a way of getting a wired connection to all of your streamers.  In my own house, I found that this solution made for better SQ than going the wifi route with my Bluesound Nodes.  Just a suggestion.  YMMV.