Stream to DAC - WXC50 /Node 2i /Project StreamBox

Hi there
I am looking for a streamer with great functionality, to stream Tidal into my DAC (dont needMQA).
I don't need it to be able to connect to a NAS drive, and I don't need to have a built-in DAC. And I don't want to pay for all that functionality.

what would be the most cost-effective way to do this without sacrificing sound quality compared to say a $3000 streamer/DAC all in one. I do want it to have an app that's easy to use

I am considering the Yamaha WXC50, alternatively the BlueSound node 2i or the Project Ultra Stream Box 2.
Connecting my laptop is not an option.

thanks for your help

Have you considered a high end server running Roon?

In our testimg the dedicared servers soundede way better thna blue dound node or project box

We have been working with digital for many years we started with Mac minis rhen compares stock pcs with tweaked up ones
then we moved int
auralic then we moved into urender and the aprender dounded dramatically better

Then we tried an inmous zenith which soundeed way lusher with a much largar sound stage

Now we discovered a new server from europe which asounds even better snd is way more flexible

A high end system is only as good as its weakest link and a PC is not a good way to feed a high end dac

A dedecated nusic server makes a huge difference

You just need to hear one in your system you eill be shocked at how mutch better your system will dound

Dave and troy
Audio intellect Nj
Us importer 432 evo servers
bluesound node 2i
cullen cable 75 ohm rca/rca spdif cable 1.5-2m
mhdt canary dac

$1200-1500 all in

have another $1500 left for years of tidal streaming :)

(project stream box is ok but it is a r-pi based unit using volumio type software, ragged to me in useability)

no affiliation w any of the above... just a happy user

good luck have fun happy listening
EVO always has to plug away. You want a cheaper alternative to $3k so he suggests $6k. Nice.
I have a BlueSound and a Pro-Ject RS2 Ultra. The P-J sounds better stock, much better with an LPS. The control app (custom Volumio) is much better too. If you have any local files it is the best USB player, much easier than NAS.
I also like my Magna Mano Ultra with built in LPS, please consider it.
What’s an LPS?
out of interest will a dedicated music server sound better than a NAS drive, or is there a lot of debate on this?
and would you have the streamer and server in one box, and the DAC/preamp in another?...
I have a Synology NAS. My simple external SSD plugged into the Pro-Ject is easier and faster to load and index. It sounds better than the Synology spinner too.
I can load my music onto it remotely via Windows and wifi. Fast auto indexing too.
If you already have a DAC, you should look into Sonore products for streaming. I have their opticalRendu bundle which made a huge difference in the sound quality of my 2 channel system. They also sell the ultrRendu which is very nice also.
fuzztone, what is the capacity of that SSD? is it plugged into the USB-B?