STREAER / DAC / LINE STAGE - Gold Note vs Hifi Rose

Hey folks, 

I'm looking to demo a few pieces of front end gear with my new Atma Sphere Class-D mono blocks. 

At the moment I've narrowed my choices down to the Gold Note DS-10 EVO (with the additional external power supply PSU-10 EVO) and the HiFi Rose RS150b. 

I've scoured the internet seeking reviews comparing the two... nada, zilch.  

So if anyone here has had the good fortune to hear both of these units and is willing to share their impressions/insights I'm ALL EARS.   




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I had a DS 10 for a trial when it was first released ( without the upgraded PS) 

it sounded “ nice”. Reminded me of the Aurender A10 I had at the time. Nothing objectionable but not a lot of bite or slam.  It went back. 

@benzman ​​​​@jonathan69 

thank you for taking the time to share your impressions.


just one follow up question, did you hear the DS-10 with the external power supply (PSU-10 EVO)?

this addition is supposed to bring major improvements, at least that’s what the Stereophile, Absolute Sound, and every other reviewer shared. 

As I mentioned it was just new to the market and the external power supply was not available. I am sure it will be very nice. Not the most in transparency and digging deep but always listenable and smooth.