Strategy and Components Advice Needed

I think my audio/HT strategy is finally starting to take some shape but I still have some learning to do. So...

HT quality is not as important to me as stereo audio quality. I am more than happy with my low-quality integrated now so believe I'd be set with a decent mid-fi integrated HT such as Denon 4806, Outlaw, Rotel, Sherwood in the 1000-1300 range or so. Will keep the surround speakers I currently have or upgrade over time.

Now I have to consider the stereo side of things. I have a pair of Amphion Argons inbound as my first forray into something decent (well, second sort-of, used to have Linn Helix but no longer).

I'm leaning heavily toward integrated SS for a variety of reasons - cost, space, complexity, and I'm not interested in the tube route (I'm a guitarist and have my hands and budget already full with a complement of tube amps and commensurate NOS tube searches and biasing etc etc).

Question 1: how do I use the same main front L/R speakers with both setups? Is this HT pass-thru? If so, how does that work exactly please?

Question 2: what ss integrated amps in that price-range used do you folks like? Yba and Krell and Creek have caught my interest so far. Benefits of one over the others? Which models?

Question 3: it looks like the stereo ss integrateds don't seem to have a way to include a subwoofer in the setup, is that correct? If not, how do people deal with using monitors (the Amphions are spec'd at 40-22 I believe)?

1. Yes. HT pass-through or bypass. Feed the front L/R outputs of the pre/pro through it.

2. No comment.

3. You can get a sub with separate L/R sub inputs distinct from an LFE input. Use the former for stereo, the latter for MCH.

Thanks Kal.

With HT pass-thru, is it still possible to use an integrated for the HT (I'm assuming "no")?

Also, what outputs from the integrated stereo amp would I connect to the sub L/R inputs?

Sorry for the newb questions, I'm getting there...

I should mention - the only input I need on the stereo integrated is for CD (actually will be used for a Squeezebox) as that's my only source and I don't plan to have another anytime soon.
1. That's what it is doing. It is the front channels for HT.
2. Line-level preamp outputs.

My personal opinion is Yba>>Creek>>Krell, but depends on your sonic priorities. Newest Krell integrated got very good reviews but the only time I heard Krell gear Ithought it was too hi-fi.
So, the 2-channel integrated amp would of course need to have sub pre-outs? if it doesn't have those, I assume using a sub with 2 channel music is then out of the picture... (is that a big deal, what do folks normally do in this situation)?

(sorry to be so dense but this is all new to me and no local audio shops to go look around in and I do really appreciate the education)

It looks like what I'm reading so far is: if possible, find an 2-channel integrated with HT pass-thru, make sure my HT proc/integrated has pre-outs for front l/r.