Strangest Tweak?

Bricks atop amps, sandbads atop speakers,snake oil? And i am sure this is only the tip of the iceberg...
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Please keep in mind that without science, there would be no invention of audio equipment and thus no such hobby called HiFi, and we would not have this science vs. mystical force discussion.
here's a tweak nobody evr thought of:

when playing a cd for a second time, press open, twice, and replay the cd.
There was a guy on the computeraudiophile forum that bought a $3,700 facial cream (not kidding) to lubricate the speaker wire ends. It cost him $157 each time he listened to his system, as he reapplied each time. He went on and on about the amazing sound it made.

So far, that is the dumbest tweak I've heard...but the day is still young.
Manoterror, Can you get me the name of that facial cream?
I bet if that facial cream were branded as a high-end audio tweak, it would have costed at least twice as much. So, it is a bargain for $3,700.