Strangest Tweak?

Bricks atop amps, sandbads atop speakers,snake oil? And i am sure this is only the tip of the iceberg...
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Some that seem suspect include many Shun Mook devices, Marigo dots, coins on speakers, and how about the latest craze BRILLIANT PEEBLES.

I have read some reviews on Shakti Holograph but I don't care how well it works those things are so big & ugly they would never be in my listening room.
I leave a piece of 11x17 paper atop my power amp when not in use. It keeps the dust from getting into the amp's vent holes and speeds up warmup when I turn it on.
There is a better thread about strange audio habits but I couldn't find it. So I post here instead.
One I heard is High Teflon content Auto Wax to polish the metal posts and shelving of equipment rack( Rational- cheap- if it is good enough for thecable jackets- it may be good for the shelving and metal posts)
Cdc -- What bond do you recommend? Any particular color work better? Water mark up or down?
Bonding is not a good idea, hard to get the paper off the amp :-).
Actually 24 lb bond paper impregnated with carbon and copper fibers blocks EMI buildup in the machine. White color reflects the heat back into the amp for a quicker warmup. Although I prefer magenta as this gives a rosier hue to the music.
No water marks, could short out the amp.