Strange Turntable Question

I wonder if this is a common occurance or a problem I need to address. On my Gyrodec, when the motor is on and the platter spinning if I take the tonearm by the headshell handle and squeeze it very hard between my thumb and 1st finger I can feel vibration. Just holding it without pressure with one finger no vibration is present. I wonder how much this vibration would affect the sound when playing a record.

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Just to make sure, please take a pencil and apply the same pressure on it with your thumb and first finger. If you feel vibration, it just proves that you are alive. But since this is probably really something in your Gyrodec, I would try first to find out the source of the vibration. Is it the motor or the platter for example, is the plinth turning smoothly, the bearing still OK. I'd also check the tonearm base. Since I've never owned a Gyrodec, these thoughts are far from being expert, just conjectures on my part. I would assume, that the vibrations affect the sound. If you have good hearing, try to listen to long drawn out notes of either voices or solo instruments. Do they remain stable in pitch?( good) Do they stay well defined in space,(good) or are they somewhat "ragged at the edges" (bad)?These are parameters I would try to test for influence on sound.
Hello, I have a Gyro SE and I can only think of a couple of ways that vibration would get to your tonearm. First make sure the motor is centered in the hole and not touching anywhere. Second make sure your cable from the tonearm is suspended and not touching the platform that the turntable sits on. Aside from that I cannot see vibration reaching the tonearm. The motor for the SE has some noise that can be mostly eliminated with the QC unit that michell offers. I would be interested if you come up with solution and also if you don't. I have been really happy with my TT.
Good listening.
I presume you have the older Gyrodeck with the Pabst A. C. motor. The new model has a D.C. motor which has much less noise.

I think you have a grounding problem, especially if the "vibration" is worsened by tighter contact with the headshell. Make sure the arm is truly grounded. Your problem is electrical, not mechanical.