Strange ticking noise when amps were powered on from cold

Any one encountered this phenomenon? I have a pair of Aesthetix Atlas Monos. When they were powered on from cold I could hear some continuous ticking noise (10-15 beat per second) if I stick my ear right next to the speakers. VERY faint. The noise was gone in about 5 mins once the monos were warmed up. As long as the monos’s main switches were on the noise would not return regardless the monos were playing or stand by. It only happened when they were turned on from cold (e.g. after a power failure in the neighbourhood ). searched online and some people suggest that it is the capacitors charging?


Steps I’ve done to diagnose the problem:

1. Turn off preamp-same problem

3. Replace 6SN7 tubes

3. use other amps-no noise

4. plug them in other main sockets-same problem

5. switch off all other appliances at home (fridges, dishwasher, modem, router, down lights)-same problem

6. Disconnect all rechargeable devices (laptops, robot vacuum cleaner, power bank, electric toothbrush)-seemed to quiet the noise a bit but not to sure as it was very faint in the first place

At the moment it’s not very practical for me to take the monos to other places to try.

Your input is much appreciated. 



Since it stops both speakers at the same time and you have mono amplifiers,  maybe it's coming from up to chain?


Your preamp? 


Try turning on the amplifiers with the input disconnected and see what happens. 


I would try to change components further up the chain. Or turn those on cold with the amps and then turn the preamp on first. You are supposed to turn on source- preamp- then amp. When you shut down you should turn off on the order Amp- Preamp- and finally sources. 
In the Chicagoland area I use this company called Deltronics to check out / repair gear. The tested an amp I bought on eBay which they can run on a Variac first to check it out. They rebuilt the motor board on my Linn Axis TT, plus a few other things. Take it to an expert. They charge $50 to check it out. If it needs more they tell you. 
Also, Start with the manufacture. I hope this helps


Sorry it took a while to get back tried it two ways with interconnect in and out 

sorry to say only single little pop when it go to play mode I have a stereo amp

You should call Jim directly if he can help I don't know who can if I might ask why you are selling them

Best of Luck