Strange Rivers

There are voices in the mirror and there are faces at the door and they open on the rivers we’ve never seen before. And are there choices for the sparrow, or does he only fly high above the rivers pulling you and I?

There are strange rivers, rivers that you cannot see. And there are strange rivers who know our destiny. And there are strange rivers, and we’re sailors, you and me.

And he could have been a builder. He could have been the one. To turn his dreams to steel, cathedrals in the sun. And he could have been a builder. But then he bought the gun. There are forces in that river that keep him on the run.

Did you ever turn the corner, and you wonder why you did? Cause you haven’t been that way now since you were just a kid. And nothing really happened, but then you’ve got to say, that you wonder what would’ve happened had you gone the other way?
As I would have said in '67.

Wow, that's heavy man.
90% of people only know John’s Hollywood Dreams song the....turning music into gold....I hear he hated that song and just did it to prove to his record company he could write a top10 song. I’m glad to meet folks that know his music beyond that. It’s wonderful. 
Never heard Hollywood Dreams before. But you were holding out on me! Odin!
Dream Babies Go to Hollywood
Found a sealed cut corner on discogs for $7! Thanks!