strange jazz boxed sets found on amazon

i saw boxed sets on amazon featuring some of the greatest jazz artists of all time-cannonball, brubeck, smith, rollins, peterson etc.. putting together multiple albums on multiple discs instead of one album per disc. anybody have any input on these. i would probably be interested in red garland and oscar peterson although i am troubled that most of the peterson selections are from his songbook series which i must admit i do not know much about but you do not here about his songbooks like you here about ella's.
I have about dozen and have been very happy with them, sonically as well as musically. I believe they are European labels where copyright ends after 50 years.
I have a couple of these, 8 albums on 4 cds. IMO, the sound is not as good as you can get on individual album versions. But on second thought the sound may be better than on cds released in the 80s or early 90s.

I would recommend them for checking out an artist and then getting the albums you really like on more recent reissues. The price is really good.