Strange buzzing from turntable


I have an interesting problem with a Pioneer Pl-630 turntable that I just bought. I have a CJ preamp with no phono stage so I'm using an Emotiva XPS-1 phone pre that has worked very nicely for 2 years. When I plug the turntable's interconnects into the Emotiva and power it up I hear a fairly loud buzz(not a ground-related hum, or hiss). The buzz gets louder when I turn up the volume. When I turn on the turntable the buzz gets more powerful. I can listen to a record but the buzz is prominent.

Today I unplugged the turntable leaving the interconnects in the Emotiva with the Emotiva powered up, and I heard what sounded like a tv station coming through my speakers. My TV and cable box were unplugged. This happened no matter what CJ input I used. I understand this is probably an RFI problem but I have no idea how to remedy this. I used a Project Debut Carbon turntable nearly daily for the past 2 years and did not have this issue. Any thoughts or expertise would be appreciated. Thank you
Are your interconnects sheilded Tim?
The interconnect running from the turntable is hard-wired and I assume shielded.  None of my other interconnects are shielded.  If the buzzing is caused by an unshielded interconnect would it be correct to presume that the culprit is the pair of interconnects running from the CJ preamp to the phono preamp?    
I tried shielded interconnects, the buzz remains.  
Check cartridge leads.

By any chance are you running a Grado cart?  I have read that they are not shielded and some will pick up noise, esp. from the TT motor. 
I have a Stanton cart.  I fixed the buzz problem by connecting a 18 awg wire from the turntable chassis to the phono preamp.  Thanks everyone.