Strange but awesome merlin combo

I have a pair of merlin vsm gen III and couldn't be happier,,,, well should I say am very very very happy. But as fidgety as I am I decided to pretend to be Dr. jekyll and so I,,,, uh well ok here goes but mind you I am hesitant to post this as I know I will get scolded and for good reason but hey it sounds great to my ears and that's all that matters it's my money and there I said it. Alright alright I mounted the tweeters of my old apogee centaurs next to my merlins , ooi I know it's killing me too driven by simaudio w-5 with simaudio p-5 preamp and ear phono with sumiko cartidge and vpi tnt mark 1-5 mix. I have not listened to it extensively yet but so far it sounds totally awesome incredible just great great great and great. Am I nuts maybe , so I am looking forward to my audiophile friends give it a listen and see what they say. And as if thats not enough the whole combo is suspended from the ceiling, do I have to repeat that because I know now even I am convinced that I am n. But yes I suspended it with steel plastic coated cables from the ceiling.
Whatever blows your skirt up. Or down, in your case! I plan to hybridize two spkr systems with an active xover, each spkr noted for their particular strength. It only happened because of woofer/tweeter failures. I need some soldering/wiring help to get it running, and I hope that will happen soon.

Congratulations on the discovery. No one has the corner on good sound!
Anyway you could post some pictures? I would love to see how you have floated your Merlins.
I hope your initial thrill doesnt turn into fatigue but it is cool to see un conventional thinking and folks trying new things!
Probably not the way I'd set that particular speaker up.

But, hey....