stranded vs. solid conductors for power cords

I know some folks feel strongly about stranded vs. solid conductors for IC's and speaker cables but what about for power cords? Obviously the PC's are just moving current, where as, the IC's or SC's are moving current and information. I'm looking to purchase multiple PC's to replace all of my stock cords and I am trying to decide what type of PC wire design to go with. I have read where the stranded wire allows a better mechanical bond with a clamp down connection.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Only difference is the stranded will be more flexible, which is nice to have if you are using 12/3 or larger wire.
Solid core powercords will tend to have more impact and punch but the larger gauge cords can become very unwieldy. The higher the strand count the softer and less aggressive the presentation will become.

BTW people like to give advice w/o actual experience regardless of edu. background. John Curl being one who recounted many, many years ago his eyes being opened by one Mark Levinson as prior he had dismissed the notion of premium part, wire, etc IIRC
Oh and sorry to not answer your clamping question. If you are using an end that you clamp and do not solder in my view a stranded wire is mandatory from a safety stand point, a large solid core wire has the possibility of working loose overtime