Stranded or solid core for digital audio cable?

All else being equal, which is a better cable for connecting a CD transport or a DVD player to a D/A converter or a digital audio processor, a 75 ohm cable:

a) with a solid center conductor (i.e. Canare L-4CFB) or
b) with a stranded center conductor (i.e. Canare LV-61S)?
If you're going to be moving the cable around a LOT due to plugging / unplugging when moving equipment for various swaps, etc... the stranded gets the nod for sheer flexibility and reliability. Otherwise, i lean towards solid wire as a better performer, especially at high frequencies such as digital. This is NOT to say that i don't have or use stranded wire in various parts of different installations though. Sean

I would lean toward solid for your intended use also.
Ask Bob Carver.

Just my .02.