Strain Gauge Cartridge info requested

Over the weekend I picked up a Win SDT 10.2 strain gauge cartridge and controller at the Denver Audio Show (great show!). It was recently retipped by Van Den Hul and sounds wonderful. I have another body that needs a new cantilever and stylus.

A Google search turned up only two minor references. Please respond if you have any info. on the technology and/or retipping service. Thanks in advance, jeraldrc.
Unless this is different from the one I owned (serial number 6) this is based on the Panasonic Strain gauge from Japan.

Not sure if Dr. Win bought rights or modified what already existed.
Thanks for the info, Albertporter. The quest continues...
Dear Jeraldrc: A strain gauge cartridge is a cartridge that use resistors with a voltaje supply instead coils.
It is a cartridge that it frecuency response is truly linear from 0hz , yes this cartridge can go down to 0hz.
Albert already give you some info and you already know that you can repaired with Van DenHul.
Regards and enjoy the music.
Thanks all. Still enjoying it. Sent an email to VDH Switzerland since no American distributor currently.