Straightwire Virtuoso H

I need a pair of speakers cables for a pretty long run - 25 feet. I am currently using Straightwire Rhapsody S speaker cable but I am thinking of going with a slightly higher grade cable since the length is long. I am connecting Vandersteen 5As to a Modwright KWS-150 SE.

Any opinions on the Straightwire Virtuoso H cable? These will be bi-wired.
I used these for a couple of years b/w Mcintosh 501's and Thiels, good value for the money. They are a step up from Maestro II which is also a very good value. Virtuoso had a little more midrange presence. I prefer Analysis Plus, slightly richer midrange and bottom end, just more balanced. My room is also a bit lively, that could be a factor to why I prefer the AP.
I had a set of Virtuoso R; sold 'em, which I *deeply* regret.

Very clean cable. Punchy with great mids.