Straightwire Symphony bi wire

Still considering these. Would appreciate any feedback on sound of the Symphony speaker cables.
No sweat, who knows you system might sound better with Symphony, both the problem and fun of audio is every system is trial and error.
Let me know what happens. be interesting what you think !
Thanks, great advice. I'd like to try both. Think I want to eventually end up with all Morrow. I might go with the Symphony for the short term, add another pair of Morrow IC's and then move to SP4's later this year.
Well , Morrows look a lot better with Monitors and are very flexible, BUT IMHO sp-3 is as low as I would go with Morrow, SP4 is what I use on my Totem Standmounts, sweet spot with Morrows, real step from SP 3 .
Morrow sells jumpers on his web-sight that work fine with
single wire morrows ,about 135$ as I recall.
But I'd rather have Symphony's soundwise below SP-4.
The brown blends in with most floors too.
Personally I never sell anything, but if that matters to you Symphony would be hard to sell, Morrow easier.
Rogue Cronus Magnum, LSA Signature monitors.
You might notice it more with some than others thats all.
What kind of amp and speakers is this for?
Didn't know if some cables take longer to settle back in than others. If I buy used from a third party and needed to reterminate locally was wondering if that could change the sound.

Guess it comes down to SP2 vs Symphony unless I find a great deal used w
All wire needs time to settle in when you move it.
If you buy used from Morrow I imagine he'd change connects.
If you have ready access to the StraightWire and it has the connector arrangement why not just buy them?
When I say they OK, I mean good enough.
Saw those and am interested. Only problem is I need spades on the amp end for Rogue Cronus Magnum and would prefer spades on speaker end but can use bannanas.

I've been wondering if changing terminations myself or at a repair shop will change the sound. Also, I move my speakers off the shelf and onto stands for serious listening. I've been told the Morrows need some time to settle in after moving. I recently bought a pair of Morrow IC 2's and really like them.
Bajaed, I see there is a guy from Vermont selling a pair of 8 ft bi-wire SP-3 on here now for 150$ , good deal, I use same thing on a bookshelf speaker I have, nuetral not warm but very clear sound .
In that range Symphony are about as good as anything.
New, AudioArt SC-5 or Morrow SP-3 , look at used cable on Morrow websight.
Thanks Schubert. Looking in the $150-$300 range, 8-10 ft bi-wire. Any suggestions?
I have a stereo pr., OK but no more than that .