Straightwire speaker cable: Rhapsody II or

Has anyone used over a period of time, StraightWire speaker cable, especially the model Rhapsody II; I believe there is a new series called Rhapsody "S".

I read on "Audio Review" the consumer blog, that the Rhapsody II speaker cable was excellent, but the IC under the same name was mediocre.

BTW, there is a pair of Wireworld Virtuoso II speaker cable for sale on the Cable Company used list Priced at 898.00 for a 10 ft. single wire pair, it seems expensive for a speaker cable design that is almost 20 years old
I have 2 prs Rhaposody II ic's, 1 pr is 12ft, the other 16 ft
they get it done just fine IMO.
Schubert. The was asking about Rhapsody II speaker cable, not their IC. Do you also use Rhapsody II speaker cable?? If so, what speaker do you own. Thanks, Jim
Right, sorry, I used Encore SC with these long IC's in a Maggy 1.5 system years ago, sounded good to me .