Straightwire cables Serenade II or Crescendo II?

Hi guys I currently have for my system B and W PM1 speakers with Marantz PM15S2 / SA15S2 sacd and amp with Audioquest Diamond back interconnect 1m and Audioquest NRG2 power cables for both. For my speaker cable it is 8ft Transparent Audio Music Wave plus the new version and looking to upgrade my speaker cable and possibly the IC as well.

For speaker cable I am considering the Straightwire Serenade II to start out with and possibly later upgrade to Crescendo once I get used to the sound. I'm fairly new to the hifi scene mainly previously was an avid home theater fan and have not tried many different types of products that would match and sound well with my system.

Any help appreciated I am based in Hong Kong now and many of the shops here do not do loaners so i need to buy before I try and you can imagine worrying that can be.

Let me know your thoughts on that cable as I am demoing one right now but it is the older serenade which gives about 15-20% improvement over my transparents.

i am a big fan of maestro speaker cable, had virtuoso for a while thought it was a little grainy. Haven't heard the two you mentioned.

The Maestro II is one of my references and many other way more expensive brands have come and gone...they pop up on A'gon every so often - they have been DC'ed by Straightwire. Good luck in your search.
Go to the Straightwire website and fill out the system anaylasis survey. They will contact you with their recommendated cables. No, they don't just tell you to buy the more expensive stuff.
Haven't heard the Serenade but the Crescendo is very dynamic and musical
I did do the system analysis they recommend the expressivo cable for my system but after talking to them direct they then said crescendo ii would be a good investment but MSRP is like $2800 usd whereas the Serenade II is $1350 MSRP. I havent tried buying it yet wanted to get people thoughts on the brand as it is not very easy to find these days it seems. And their marketing seems like it came from the 80s and never changed.

Pops - where is the Maestro II i dont see it on the straightwire website is it discontinued now?
yes, unfortunately it is discontiuned. you might find it used or look fgor SW dealers for new old stock if you are interested.