Straight XLR vs XLR to RCA adapter

I am looking for advice. Does using a RCA to XLR defeat the purpose?
My cables are RCA GA-0 and I am happy with them. But I want to try my XLR connection. I realy do not want to spend the money if possible on another pair of cables, but if I do it, it I want to do it right. Please help.

Thanks In advance.
Defeat the purpose of what ?? If you are talking about preamp gain, no it does not.
This will depend on the equipment. If the electronics are fully balanced throughout then your best cables will be XLR to XLR but if the equipment is not a true balanced design than it is not a big deal.
Contact the company and find out if your equipment is 100% balanced.
I think you are referring to the possibility of using adapters at both ends of your RCA cable. That would definitely not be "doing it right," for several different reasons.

I would emphasize, though, that the tradeoff between RCA and XLR interconnections will often be more significantly influenced by the internal design of the components that are involved than by the cable itself. So it might be helpful to first try a pair of inexpensive but well made balanced cables, such as Mogami Gold Studio or Blue Jeans, before deciding on whether or not to invest in more expensive cables.

-- Al
Using RCA/XLR adapters on regular RCA cables makes no sense whatsoever.
Thanks for everyone's responses.  I don't know if theses facts make any difference but let me put them out there.  My preamp is the Jaton  RC 2000P   Operetta . Amp is   Audio-GD SA-300 SE.    Speakers are Monitor  audio silver RS 6  

I was able to speak to  both King Wa of Audio GD and  George of Jaton.
George says of the RC 2000P that from their test the XLR measures a 6db lower noise floor.  When I asked  King Wa he just said I could expect a 15%  improvement in sound.  Lower noise floor here as well?   He did not elaborate. It is with  these things in mind that Make me want to try the XLR connection. Having said that it would seem that the only way to see any Apple to apple comparison is to get a the GA-0 in XLR As currently I halve the RCA version.
Agreed. Did not work at all for me.
Make a cable consisting of ONLY dozens of RCA/XLR adapters stuck together...may sound like crap, but it's interesting and allows all options...custom instantly adjustable length, satisfies your Leggo compulsions, helps train you in child anti choking first aid skills, and just shows you care. Also...this thread reminded me of a horrible Mogami Gold XLR cable experience...I can't talk about was horrible *shudders*. I now use AQ Diamondback XLRs.
Wolf are you OK? I did LOL about the connector cable but in truth it may be just as effective as some of the other fantastic cable "solutions/inventions."
Wolf, I recall your mention of that negative experience with the Mogami's in the past. In fairness, it should be said that many others have reported very positive experiences with that cable. I certainly don't doubt the accuracy of what you perceived, and I have no idea what the explanation might have been, but it should be said that your experience was atypical of most or all others that have been reported here.

Mechans, yeah, he's definitely ok :-) As you appear to realize, and as he has frequently done in the past, he just brings some much needed levity to these parts. :-)

Best regards,
-- Al
HEY...I was being serious...and yes, Mogamis usually are fine as I've used their mic cables for years. My turntable cable is weird reddish Japanese neglex and seems fine. It was odd...the Mogamis could have been made on a Wednesday, or infected with some strange Guitar Center karma, or dare I say (and who the hell says "dare I say?") COUNTERFEIT MOGAMI...made in a dimly lit sweatshop by nefarious cable fakers.