Straight Wire Virtuoso R vs. Crescendo I/C

Has anybody compared Straight Wire Virtuoso R interconnect with Straight Wire Crescendo interconnect (RCA)? Can you describe the difference (if any) and what equipment you used (vacuum tube or solid state).

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I have Crescendo cables.The soundstage to me is the same as Virtuosos,but the instruments and voice are bigger than on Virtuoso.This can be a problem to some systems because the soundstage may sound too cramped with big instruments.Take care.
Are you pretty intent on buying either Virtuoso or Crescendo IC's? The reason I ask, within the past few months I sold some Crescendo's, I found an IC that is better. I sold the Crescendo's and bought some cables from a company in New Jersey called Virtual Image. The V.I. interconnects have better bass, speed, and cast a wider sound stage than the Crescendo's. You can buy the V.I. new for less money than you can buy the Crescendo's used.
moved from the serendade to the crescendo. didt try the virtuoso.

the crescendo is a very revealing cable with a really big dynamic sound...big and bold would be 2 words to describe it..... that is how i would sum up the cresendo

though i cant compare the two, i thought the serenade has a better bottom end while the crescendo has a beautiful top and mid ( lots of air and detail). both cables paint a very large sonic picture and is not laid back or warm but very dynamic with bloom and body.

i have compared it to the xlo signature, discovery plus and essence in my current setup.

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Last night I compared a pair of Virtuoso platinum with Crescendo XLR's. The Crescendo had much more body, with richer tonalities. The treble was less emphasized on the Crescendo than on the Virtuoso. Maybe this relates to Overhang's remark, but the Virtuoso in some ways sounded cleaner with a slightly thinner sound. But the Crescendo sounded more like music.

Thanks to all!

I was considering to upgrade my Virtuoso R interconnect for Crescendo, and now I am convinced that it would be more reasonable to keep Virtuoso R for and try some other brands.