Straight Wire Question

I am re-situating my audio equipment which is going to require longer speaker cables (10'). I am currently running Straight Wire Rhapsody II for both speaker and iterconnects and was thinking about some of the auctions here at Audiogone to get new cables (some long Straightwires available).

However, I have noticed there is a distinct lack of threads concerning Straight Wire. Is the brand concidered 'pooh'pooh' by the audio gurus? I am happy with the sound of my current system but have not really auditioned other cables other than Straight Wire. Is there something I am missing out there?


for reference - related system equip is:
Krell KAV-250a amp
CJ PV-14LS Pre
Rotel 971 CD
B&W 801 II Speakers
Rhapsody II Interconnects & Speaker Cable
Very often to my experience people dissadisfied with StragitWire. They look like home-brewed and home-terminated.
I believe that you won't go wrong with AudioQuest Diamondblack all arround.
Hi,If your Rhapsody's are 8 ft with spades I would be interested in buying if you upgrade any time soon.Also Interconnects.Thanks and good luck on your Quest.JD
I use serenade from pre-amp to amp along with MIT proline form CD to pre-amp and the combo is the best I ever had.
Dangerous question to ask. The only people who will respond either like them alot or dislike them enough to tell you about their brand. I recently got a good deal on Maestro II's. I replaced a pair of XLO 1200'S with them and so far I am very pleased with them. Very neutral, large sound stage excellent tight bass. Sometimes you can get a great deal on a great product just because it isn't popular at a particular time. I look for items like that. I got a strong warranty and a good set of cables for the price I paid. I don't know if they are popular right now but I for one like them. Maybe the seller would let you try them out before you buy. If they sound good to you buy them.
i have serenade in a reference system. i think it is first rate.
I have used Straightwire Maestro and been happy with them. For long cable runs, the Cardas Neutral Reference is hard to beat. I like them better than the Maestro's. Jallen
I started with Monster then moved to AudioQuest. At the recommendation of my dealer, I switched to Straightwire Rhapsody II interconnects and cables. I got the warm, full bodied sound that I was looking for. I haven't found the need to look elsewhere. If anyone is interested, I do have a 10' biwire Rhapsody II speaker cable up for sale.