Straight Wire Music Ribbon

Category: Cables

I have a couple of spools of the Straight Wire Music Ribbon. I believe these are from the mid to late 80s.
Does anyone have any experience with these? My speakers (Magnepans) take bananas and these have spades so I've never tried them. Kind of hate to mutilate the originals.
Thanks in advance,
Steve Ford
I have some from that period, I was a dealer then. The truth is in recent years I have used them as sub cables so I don't really have a good idea of how they sound full range. If you have access to any of the separate banana plugs that have a large head that can be tightened you can use them to adapt the spades so you could try them without modifying them.
Magnepan sells a spade adapter. Pretty nice and does a great job.
I have a pair too and I used an adapter to plug them into my Mag 1.7 QR. The bass is improved, overall speaking, it is acceptable.