straight wire Maestro and Maestro II signal flow?

I am not sure if any of you can help me out with this or not, but it's worth a shot. So Here it is. I have two pairs of Straight wire Maestro interconnects. Both purchased 2nd hand from great people on this site. My first pair is a .5 meter with no directional arrows on them, I believe these are a newer version based on serial numbers on each cable being higher. I also have an older (based on serial numbers) pair that are 1 meter in length and have directional arrows on them. I would like to know if there is a way to determine which direction the signal flows for the .5 meter pair with no markings. Both pairs are terminated with the Straight wire's large locking RCAs. I would greatly appreciate any advice that could be offered. Thank you
No guarantee, but if they were factory terminated the end with the serial number tags/band goes to the source or the "from" side. I do not know that it actually matters sonically, but the Straightwire ICs I have had with directional markings were all this way. I currently use Maestro's this way and they work fine.
Thank you for your response. I contacted Steve from Straightwire (found him here under similar post) and was informed that the cables should be marked. I looked with a high powered surefire flashlight and found the markings as described by Steve. Maestro's and the Maestro II are great cables to me. I would love to hear what higher end models sound like. Thank you again
I had a pair of Virtuoso R and I really didn't know how good I had it. I'd upgraded from some Cardas Twinlink, went on to kick those out and get some Nordost Heimdall. Obviously, I was all over the place in terms of the tonal and budget spectrum, but for the price I paid (something like $400 bucks), they were excellent.
Oh, aside. For future reference, if there is no direction arrow or you can't find one, follow the direction of any writing on the cable the words read left-to-right, that is usually the direction of flow from you amp to speaker.