Stradivari Homage & Linn Komri: Priciest Speakers?

These are the most expensive speakers I have encountered so far, but I may be wrong. Tell me if there are more expensive speakers and your opinions on the Stradivari Homage & Linn Komri
I haven't heard them, but I can assure you they are not even close to the most expensive speakers on the market.

Pipe Dreams: 120K a pair
JM Labs Grande Utopia: 80K a pair
Dali Megaline: 120K a pair
Von Schweikert VR11: 120K a pair

Those are just off the top of my head. Kharma does make one pair that is around 1 million dollars.
Top of the line Wilson speakers are over $150K....
Oops, my mistake. The Dali's are not 120K a pair. Not sure of their price at this time.
Dali Megalines are definitely not 120K, they sell for around 69K retail price. Not able to locate Pipe Dreams, the highest-priced Wilsons I found are 99K new, but the important point is, you sure proved me wrong. I went about for a long time thinking the Stradivari Homages were the most expensive in the world. (Not that I could afford them anyway, I'm 16, I own a NAD CD Player and Integrated Amp, with Grado 325s and Paradigm Titans. My next speaker endevour will probably be a pair of Linn Kans.)
Don't forget the big Nolas, and the Swedish Statement (Martens) that sounded fabulous at CES 2006. Both around $130k.

What about Wisdom's top of the line offering?
The Kharma Grand Enigma is $1 Million per pair.


Grand Enigmas or a Veyron??? Decisions, decisions.... ;)
I'm not certain about this, but I believe the Magico top of the line horn/hybrid speaker is $250,000. You can see it on their website which is - it's the big one with the horn on top.
Here's a quick link to the Kharma Grand Enigma: