Strada, VMPS or Fritz?

Has anyone heard these speakers? How do they compare to each other. I have in mind the VMPS 626s and Fritz Carbon 7s or REV 5s.
For what kind of listening, with what amp, in what size room? it all makes a difference
Fritz Rev5
Fritz Carbon7
Nola Boxer
Vmps 626
The Fritz Rev5 will punch way above weight class but will not fill as large a space as the Carbon7.
Also check out Soundsmith bookshelfs.
My listening room is odd. 9 by 13 w/ an 18ft ceiling and flat not cathedral. I have a McCormack DNA 1 w/ Rev.A mods. Eastern Electric Minimax DAC directly driving the amp, VMPS passive subwoofer also driven by McC. amp. I am using B&W 802s (circa 1981). The floor is carpeted. I listen to jazz, world music, good new age, a little rock and some acoustic guitar. I'm looking for a warmish, naturally detailed transparent speaker. The VMPS subwoofer blends very well. It has a gentle roll off at 100hz.

Hope this helps.