Storm Thorgerson

Attached is a gallery of graphic design artist Storm Thorgerson's album covers. Thorgerson recently passed away and was responsible for iconic album covers for Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and many others. I have always felt like the artwork involved with old school vinyl created a total package for the listener that went beyond mere aural satisfaction. The album format allows artists to stimulate the visual senses as well. I have bought music in the past simply because of a cool album cover. Unfortunately Steve Jobs reduced the canvas from a 12" by 12' image down to the size of a postage stamp. Hopefully, as vinyl makes a comeback, the artwork will become important again.
That would be nice!
Thanks for the link Max.I have the book about Hipgnosis"For the Love of Vinyl" which is beautiful and informative,but it does not have some of Mr. Torgerson's later work including one pictured in the LP array shown on the link.Speciffically I wonder can someone name the LP shown between DSOTM and Atom Heart Mother.The one with the Big Head.I'd like to get a copy of it if on vinyl.Thanks.
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