Storing tube gear

I have to put my tube monoblocks and tube line preamp into storage for a few months. Should I leave the tubes (power and input) in or remove them? Mechanical damage is not a concern since the gear will be stored in a storage facility, most likely with air control, and I have the original boxes. Any advice would be appreciated.

I would be more concerned with the "climate controlled" storage!

If you have a safe way to get them there and box well then there should be no problem...
HOWEVER, some of these storage spaces that are claiming to be "climate controlled" aren't so ask the manager at what temperature they keep the lockers, not only for winter but when it warms up.

also check to see where and if your locker has a direct or indirect venting system as the combo of too much heat followed by too much a.c.WILL cause you possible internal damage due to expansion and moisture.


I'd remove them, but for only a few months, I don't think it's a big deal either way.
I don't feel super strong about this, either way, but on balance I would leave the tubes installed, because the contact surfaces of empty tube sockets can oxidize or collect dirt from the air, otherwise. Definitely the most important thing is to be certain the storage area is dry and temperature controlled.
I would also get some silica packs and put them in the boxes to absorb any high levels of humidity.
Lewm makes a good point. Leave 'em in. And so does Azjake, esp. if you live in an area with extreme temperature swings (seems like that applies to all of us, lately).
Store them at a friends place, it's only 2-months
I have a better idea ..just leave them with ME.....