Storing my Speakers

Searched the forums but my case is a bit different.

I moved and for at least a year I need to store my speakers in the attic, it's winter here now and the temprature in the attic may drop to 0°C (32°F) on cold nights and in summer it can be a real sauna but the heat is dry, not humid.

Will the temperature changes damage the drivers ?

Which is the best inexpensive way to wrap them for storage under those conditions ?

Thanks in advance

Difficult question. Someone may suggest to wrap them in plastic but I am not sure that it would be safer: the little humidity contained internally and in wood panels could warp the surface of speakers in the long period. So, assuming that the speakers will not be exposed to rain, I would wrap them with multiple layers of paper and cloth, then I would crate them. luca.
I don't know about the drivers but it will not do the wood cabinets any good. IMHO you will ruin them. Especially the hot summer heat. Temps in the attic could be 200+ F degrees. Has to be another place to store the JBL's. How about a bedroom closet. Face fronts toward wall and cover with a blanket. Where are you going to store the rest of your gear.
Thanks for the replies.
I had forgotten I have a small storage room that is in the parking level in my building. I guess that in winter the temperature will not drop below 32F but may be a little humid and in summer it will not be too hot.
Under these new circumstances what do you propose ?

I'm bringing part of my gear to the apartment and the rest will either be sold or stored till I build my dream house somewhere in the next years.
Over the years I have refinished furniture that has been handed down in my wifes family. Any thing that was stored outside needed at least 3 times the re-work Inculding new veneer, and new solid wood pieces in the worst of cases. Seems to mostly affect any surface that was stored horizontal to the ground? IE.. tops, connecting pieces that are horizontal etc.

My recomentation is that you do one of 2 things.
1) If the speakers are of Heirloom quality, store them in a temperature controled area, if need be in your current apartment.
2) If not sell them, and once you have your dream home go buy a pair in super good condition.

I say this because between the Veneer and the MDF those two products absorb moisture at different rates and after a short period of time the gule will loose it's hold. most likely in a garage you will need a new veneer job if left for more than a few seasons.

My comments above assume that the drivers will not be affected, and that may be another story. As rust likes to quickly grow on metal magnets. This will likely build up in the small slot that is occupied by the voice coil, and then you have have a big mess.

Do you have the original packaging?
Heat build up as stated above is very harsh. Better the storage room you mentioned IMHO. It's better to pack them when the humidy is low. You can use dessicant packets (the ones that come inside the electronics boxes use silica as absorbent) to trap and keep humidity low inside the plastic bags you are going to use. The storage room ideally should not be too humid since humidity destroys cartons. I this is the case at least keep some distance from walls and floor and also plastic wrap the external cartons to help them stay in good condition. Hope this helps
Put'em on blocks in your garage.. oh sorry speakers! No idea...