Storing CDs to play... Carousel?

I have a thousand CDs. I know there are storage carousels around to access CDs and play them, but what do you recommend for this, considering sound quality, usability, etc.? Thanks for your input.
CD storage is disappearing.. So if you want some.. act soon.
I have two Leslie Dame sets. one for 1,500 and a second for 1,000.
Folks also use some parts from Ikea to make killer shelving from individual tall narrow shelving units.
Best to get two of the Sony changes. The hold 300 disks each and can be chained. On sale now at the SonyStyle outlet for $150 each.
Look at bags unlimited. They specialize in safe storage containers for all types of media.
Actually, a better alternative is to rip them all to a NAS device. Thats a hard drive you attach to your home network. Ive got mine hooked upmto a Sonos system whic sound good enough, and allows me to play any track in any room all controlled by an iPad. It is simple and reliable. And ive now got my cds in a box in the garage.
I may have misstated my needs. By storage, I wasn't referring to racks and shelving, but to keep them in a changer as suggested by Buconero117. I was wondering if they affect the sound in any way. Thanks again for any advice.
I use two Sony 300 disk changes, chained, in my office system. Sound is not really affected if you are using the original cd's. I have found that when I use burned cd's, done on various computers and software, the units will sometimes not read them. Since SonyStyle is free shipping and they will come take it back at no charge for return shipping if you are not satisfied, little to lose. I've never felt the 'burn to hard drive' is worth the time. I have close to 15,000 cd's. Time better spent listening and reading the jackets. it
I know a woman that is breaking down her husbands system and has 3 of the Sony Carousels. she asked me about them. I told her I know nothing about them. I can ask her if you are interested. Her husband passed so she does not know much about them other than they work. Interested?
You seem to be set on cd storage as opposed to cd ripping, Big cd storage devices are going away it seems. Units like the Olive which stores cd's without a computer and will load your music and certain amount for free at least at one time they did, and may still well. The ease and convenience of newer ways to store and listen can be addictive. Certainly worth checking out.
Thanks for all the advice. I'm looking into several of these responses. Hevac1, thank you for the offer, but after researching these Sony units a bit and then seeing one, I haven't heard good things about them, so I'll pass on this.