Stores or dealers in Sao Paulo?

I'll be going to Sao Paulo on business (first time) and was wondering if you know of any stores or dealers I could visit. Also, if there is any advantage to buying anything down there as opposed to in the US.
Please, don't waste any dealer's time, on your trip. There is really no advantage to buying in a foreign land since shipping, duties, mains difference, service issues make it impossible to satisfy you. 'Kicking the tires' hurts all audiophiles.
All good points Buconero, thank you. Did not really think all of that through. But will still window shop at a brick and mortar store if given the opportunity. No harm there as long as I don't lead anyone on or take their time away from real customers. I will be up front about not buying, then they can decide whether or not to spend any time with me. Some people like to share their gear and discuss just for the fun of it. But I'll certainly not deceive anyone.
There is absolutely no advantage buying ANY consumer product in Brazil. All consumer products are more expensive from automobiles to electronics to appliances. There is also a tax for goods coming into Brazil, approximately 70% which makes imported items much more expensive than what we would pay in the US. There are fewer options and greater cost, the price for protectionism, lower quality and fewer choices. Quality of Brazilian made consumer goods is also below par of what we have here. Brazilians come to the US for good deals on consumer goods with good reason. Not being harsh here, it is just the reality unfortunately for Brazilians.
Tubegroover - Yikes! Did not know that. Thank you for posting.
Aside from buying something from Audiopax, which is based in Rio, Brazil is probably the last place I would buy electronics. My recollection is that the tax on imported electronics is north of 90%, and there is also a significant distributor mark-up and dealer mark-up for the better brands. As an example, Maxx II's in the U.S. retailed for $40,000, while they sold for $100,000 in Brazil. My wife is Brazilian and we lived in Sao Paulo from 2002 to 2005. Before leaving, I sold my Revel Salons for twice what I paid for them in the U.S.

Putting aside price, the market is fairly primitive and most high-end brands available in the U.S. are not sold there - an Audio Research + Wilson or B&W system is considered an elite system in Brazil.

I'm going to alert my audiophile buddies in Brazil about this thread - they have long suffered and will get quite a kick out of it.
One more thing further to what Tubegroover wrote - Brazil used to be super-cheap for Americans, but now the exchange rate is in their favor and the economy is hot, so generally speaking, Brazil has become really expensive for Americans. I was in Sao Paulo in August for business, but had forgotten to bring some basic toiletries. I bought a pack of four Gillette razor blades, a tube of toothpaste, and a toothbrush: $30.

In short, don't bother going to hi-fi shops, as they don't sell the elite brands (again, they think Wilson, B&W and Audio Research are state-of-the-art, and they charge a fortune for it), and don't forget your toothbrush.
Raquel ironically I have never visited a country where there are so many music lovers and so few audiophiles at least I don't know any nor was aware of Audiopax in Rio. I guess for the reason you gave, few choices and cost. Even some of the wealthy Brazilians I know don't have hi-end systems. In the 25 years I have been visiting the Country, my wife also Brazilian and from Rio, the only things we ever purchased to bring back was jewelry, clothing and music. Since the exchange rate of the dollar to the real has dropped in recent years there is no advantage to ANY purchases. We were there June/July last year and are going to a wedding next month. We always have an extra suitcase filled with gifts that is empty when coming home or to be more exact our suitcases are not packed as tight on the return trip.
Indeed, don't forget the essentials Rockadanny, it will cost you. When you return home you will have a new appreciation for the value and choices we take for granted in this country and every Brazilian that visits here envies.