Stop me before I buy, or help me choose...

I'm considering upgrading my cartridge to something in the $1,000 range (or less). I presently have a Dynavector DV20XL on my highly modified Technics SL1210 (I know all the arguments about this 'table but I like what I have). Much has been improved on my TT so the sound is very good to my ears and through my system. I've thought of the following two cartridges because their compliance, DC resistance, weight, and output are suitable for my set-up.

I've been considering either a Dynavector 17D3 or perhaps a XX2 (a little above the $1,000 mark but close enough). I've read that the 17D3 is very neutral while the XX2 has much more of the wonderful sound that I love (dynamics, etc.) of the 20XL. I play mostly orchestral classical (about 60-65%) recordings with pop/rock, Jazz and other genres as well.

I have two questions: Would the 17D3 be too neutral - i.e., detailed - for my tastes (e.g. compared to 20XL)? Would I be pushing too far beyond the capabilities of the Technics tonearm with these more expensive carts?
I think I may have ready here recently that zu audios dl-103 has a reputation for eating $1000 cartridges at a much better price. Just some food for thought. I'm sure someone has probably compared.
Be careful comparing the audio performance of phono cartridges based on cost. Several low cost phono cartridges sound very good for the money but the more esoteric and pricey cartridges deliver the goods. My personal experience: My Koetsu died after several years of great sound so I decided to try the 103R based on raves about its sound quality. It does indeed sound good and tracks very well. At first listen I was impressed, but after spending time with it I was missing something. I got a Benz Ref cartridge, and while not cheap, is in a whole other league. The detail, bass, smoothness and musicality is well beyond what the 103R could do. Now as for the Zu verion- I can't say.
Dear Tony, No slur intended, but you must know that your anecdote means nothing, save as a comparison of the Benz Ref to the DL103R. While I do believe that "you get what you pay for", up to a point, I also believe that beyond a certain point one is paying for cache', more than anything else and that the relationship between cost and performance is far from linear.
I agree with you. I also agree that the cost/performance is not linear. I believe it to be logarithmic; ie. you must double the money to get an incremental improvement in sound. Kind of applicable, give or take.
What I was implying: You can double your money and get crap, that the relationship is neither linear nor logarithmic (although, sure, sometimes it is in fact). There is no substitute for careful research and an understanding of what you are buying.
Absolutely. Caveat Emptor!