Stop Kitchen Cabinets from Rattling

In a nutshell, open concept living room and kitchen. The decoupled sub in the living room will rattle the kitchen cabinet doors during higher impact movie scenes. Blue-tack is a no-go with the wife. Any other cheap options that have worked for you from Home Depot or Amazon?

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Small self-adhesive rubber stops on either the doors or cabs?

Cab mounted magnets and door-mounted metal plates?

"Small self-adhesive rubber stops on either the doors or cabs?"

Yes, or felt.


@noromance @ericsch appreciate the recommendations. Each cabinet door has two rubber stoppers on them already - preinstalled. I think this is an issue of just putting more felt or rubber stoppers along the sides - I just have to make sure the cabinet doors are flush when closed. 

The best option is to turn it down.. Way to loud for my home.. 

Junior the rabbit can only take so much.. ;-) Makes me wonder how loud your system is..

Another thing. Things are blowing up.. OK BLOWING UP!! Your house is suppose to rattle, mines not. BUT I don't watch TV. I check the news on line no more than 5 minutes twice a week if that..

I wonder if you really are decoupled as you think.. Doesn't sound like it..

My house never rattles and the main portion of the house was built in 1935.

12K Bass amps and GRs servo subs. 18 bass drivers and 4 more on the way. Not a rattle in the joint.. 115db if I open up to 1/2 throttle.

Open floor plans usually lack inside load bearing walls, guess what that idea is great, but the floors are only terminated on the outside walls to ground. Everything else inside is normally supported by friction peers. Usually the floor sits on the peer it's not anchored as in "AS ONE", it SITS on the peer for the most part.

Older floor plans, many of the rooms inside the home have foundations under at least some of the walls. They are actual load bearing and therefore MASS loaded. They don't rattle near as much because of the shorter distances between floor surface termination, not wall, there is a BIG difference between the two. 

The bottom line is the floor in YOUR home, if it is a truly an open concept, is a great big passive radiator. If ANY of your speakers with bass in them are not decoupled, NOT partially but completely.  There is a good chance your amplifying a great big passive sub/bass driver that's just about the size of you downstairs floorplan.. Heavy curtains and a little weight on the floor through the house.

Hire about 15 BIG Samoans or Tongans (not but not at the same time IF you want your house to keep standing) and have them just sit in the room. NOW the center peers are MASS loaded.. :-) Think WEIGHT more so than GLUE..


I had a similar issue but it with with all the pictures on the walls.

Bought a roll of cork board and made little pads and used blue tack to affix to the back of the pictures.

@oldhvymec you're probably correct about the sub not being completely decoupled. It's nothing remotely close to the seismic isolation pods that @tsushima1 had recommended. Instead, the sub is on an Auralex SubDude, which has provided some improvement, but obviously not enough. Appreciate the insight about older floor plans vs modern open floor plans - makes a lot of sense. 

Broken record - Nobsound springs under sub. 

Ah it was just something I saw somewhere.. LOL Thought I'd pass it along..  I saw a guy anchor to a rock face with 130-150 3-5 foot long 1.125 rock anchors in Aspen just for a deck that had a retracting clamshell roof. It was part of his sound room.

They completely isolated the room walls from the foundation top plate with a 2" thick 10" wide piece of treated rubber stuff. They placed it between the floor pinning also.

The floors were suspended but made of a light composites of mortar epoxies and fluffed to a certain size and poured quickly. ALL over tensioned cables at 90 degree and on 1 foot centers. the bubbles in the mix acted a dampening agent of sorts.

AIR works very well to kill unwanted harmonics.. Liquid amplifies, have to be real careful with huge aquariums too.. They can really introduce some weird stuff..


@toro3 …. Under the Kitchen units ya numpty 😃

You ever hear brakes make noise on a semi? You can treat HIS brake system or giver everybody within ear shot, EAR PLUGS.. Which makes more sense?

UNDER the speakers tsushima1. You gonna treat the whole house when the washing machine is dancing across the floor.. LOL

Talk about a numpty Goober..:-)


Broken record - Nobsound springs under subs.


VS what? numpty Goober 2.

At least offer something..
"It’s like having a conversation with a Klingon" (Grand Nagus Zek, DS9).

@oldhvymec instead of the busted warp coil the OP hasn't initialized properly.

Broken record Nobsound "style" springs. Knockoffs are even cheaper. Like Aiudiocrast.


My post was an ironic skit … wooosh the sound of it going over your fat head 🤣

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Just open the cabinet doors when watching hard hitting movies!

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I had a similar issue but it with with all the pictures on the walls.

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