Stop compression of music petition via Stereophile

Cheers George
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The direct link to the petition (which is buried somewhat in the other postings) can be found here:
Interesting, but peace in the mideast probably has a better chance of succeeding.

Stereophile doing this is like me taking on my local cable company to lower their rates. Fat chance!

Maybe if PEople Magazine, Foxnews and CNN jump on the bandwagon. Everyone wants better sound, right?

In all seriousness, its nice to let ones dissatisfaction be known, but compression has always been a part of the recording industry out of necessity , and it does not bother me any more today than it did 40 years ago. In fact, more newly mastered CDs I really care about sound perfectly fine to me these days than ever before.

Way more people would complain these days about how their music sounds if this actually happened than will currently as things are.

I still might sign though. I've got only (dynamic range) to gain and nothing to lose. Nobody will be mining through this data and hold my listening preferences against me, right?
I'm with you MAPMAN. Good(but sad) analogy. Plus you (I) need good speakers to really enjoy fuller dynamic range.
it's a pretty safe bet that most people reading this have good speakers.
Odd timing. Sony claims they are deeply committed to releasing a large catalog of DSD downloads and components to play them on. Acoustic Sounds has some on their site described as "Super HiRez." Sony also claims that the other two major music groups, Universal and Warner, are on board too.

Whether this is the next SACD fiasco or the beginning of the golden age, I can't say.