Stop compressing our bloody music!!!!!!!!!!!

Sign petitions:
1: Stop the Loudness War
2: Ending the LOUDNESS trend in Music
3: Bring Peace to the Loudness War.

Dynamic Range: No Quiet = No Loud (think about it)
Our ears/brains and music don’t get a chance to breathe during the quite passages.

Cheers George

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Agree. So much of the music I enjoyed in my younger days was compressed that it’s hard to listen to it today with latest gear I have. 
One of the worst: Metallica's Death Magnetic! Dynamic range of 3db! The New York Times had a report about this CD and the widespread use of compression in modern rock.

Compression, is all about.
Creating a wall of noise, so everything is at the same level, so you can "hear it all" even is noisy situations
Using it in the car (noisy background)
While walking outside (noisy background)

Compression also protects eardrums because you turn up the volume in those situations, if it wasn’t compressed you’d blow your ear drums out or blow up your ear buds on the first dynamic slam

And from what I’ve been told, compression saves quite a bit of "space" in streaming, downloads and transmissions.
Therefore it saves on costs and makes those companies even more money.

And what are we left with resembles nothing like what we were supposed to hear, and the artist/s intended.

Cheers George
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No, this is the best place to go to see if your issue of a particular album, has had the life compressed out of it or not.

Look at all the releases, and click on them for individual info like cat no. release date etc.
You’ll usually find the earliest date releases are have the best dynamics (green, light green) and the later are compressed (orange yellow red), which usually, re-master, streamed, download versions.

Cheers George
Just stick with Fay Lovsky
I am glad to listen classical , jazz and iran/Indian music...

So I gotta know George, what disco tunes are you listening to that have you all aflutter?? Hahahah

It would be good if you just signed all 3 petitions to do something constructive against this increasing malignant practice of compressing music, instead of just smart ***** comments like that.🤦‍♂️

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Just stick with Joni Mitchell
Even she wasn’t immune, lots of her stuff had the **** compressed out of it also.

All signed. Now what?
Feel good about it, instead of being another eric 🤦‍♂️
Mr. Naïve here...
Is there a site that explains all this "compression" in simple terms?  I am gathering this only pertains to digital/CD type music & not LP's.
I look at the site "Album List-Dynamic Range" etc.  Tull is one of my favorites, but their albums except for a couple, are about as 2 dimensional listening-wise as you can get.  Listen to it on CD and Tull goes about as one dimensional as it can get.  But their compression rating shows really well.  I like Florence & the Machine, but man their music is all in your face so it gets tiring quickly.  
Listening to Radio Paradise & everything sounds so tremendous.  Old analog, new digital.  I don't think RP plays any vinyl.  I asked Bill once VIA email how he does it and he answered me with the processing units he uses.  RP can really get Tull sounding up a few notches.  
I don't get it and maybe I don't need to.  When the music sounds great it makes me smile.  I reckon that's the goal.  Compressed or not. Whatever that is.
Ok, signed the petitions and immediately started getting unwanted emails. Grrr...


You obviously didn't untick, and tick the correct boxes at the bottom.
I got none.

Cheers George

Mr. Naïve here...
Is there a site that explains all this "compression" in simple terms? I am gathering this only pertains to digital/CD type music & not LP’s.
In the 1st video listen to the 3rd rendition of the piece and what happens to the drum thwacks after the volume has been bought back to the normal listening level of the first rendition!! They are all gone, dynamic impacts are all missing.

As for vinyl, yes also, if it was recoded with digital mastering

Cheers George
Thanks George.  I'll check it out.