Stoopid amp question, but I'm confused

Integrated amp vs. power amp. Whats the difference? I think I know the answer to this question, but I'm not certain, and I've no one to ask. I believe an integrated will allow me to go directly from my cd player to the amp then out. I'll be able to control volume, and such at the amp. where as with a power amp, I need to go through a preamp first. Am I right on? Right off? Help! before I waste my money!
Integrated Amp is a single box that integrates the function of a control preamp and a power amplifier. Integrated has volume, source selection and in some cases mono/stereo, phase, and balance controls. A line preamp has all these same features but you have to run interconnects from its output to a power amp. A preamp can't drive speakers. Integrated amps are nice for saving space and dollars but you probably get more flexibility and bang for your buck buying the preamp and amp as separates. There is some compromise in current handling, S/N ratio, and distortion putting everything in one box. By the way a receiver in an integrated amp + a tuner.
I can't emphasize strongly enough that you read "The Complete Guide to Highend Audio". Good luck and all the best.
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