Stones Remasters

There was a thread a few weeks ago about this and someone made the comment that these were out of print and hard to find. I'm referring to remasters by Bob Ludwig using the UV 22 apogee process. I have several of these and bought Some Girls and Tattoo You yesterday. What an improvement!!! I found them at Best Buy. The detail is fantastic and improves the soundstage tremendously, very layerd. Charlie Watts drumkit is about 5 feet behind the back wall!!
The Ludwig remasters are readily available and are superb. The Virgin label titles of which there are about 11, are the Ludwig remasters. Unfortunately, none of the ABKO titles are part of this and they sound awful.
Just to clear up confusion as Kira said all Virgin label Stones albums were remastered, these are albums from "Exile on Main St" to present. There were limited edition cardboard "album replica" Stones Virgin CDs which are now hard to find. The regular plastic case Virgin remastered Stones albums are readily available and sound very good. The Stones albums from the 60s are still on the ABKCO label and as Kira says those remasters are very dissappointing.
I didn't know that Fred and Barney have been remastered! How does Betty sound remastered. I always had a thing for Betty. Anyone know?