stone wall behind the audio rack and speakers

hi, i want to put a stone wall behind the audio rack and speakers, is good for the acustic or is bad?
see please this link , see the stone wall in the hanson audio house:
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I prefer a "live end" room at the speaker. I think the rock wall would work just fine. BTW you have a great looking system that should sound stunning as well.
The question that comes to mind in that photo is are the DyneAudios facing each other just while the Utopias play or do they actually play them firing at each other?
But having the rough texure should help. I have an issue where my TV is between the speakers and cause reflection. I made an acoustic panel that seems to help quite a bit.
You may find that acoustic panels on your exisiting wall may do more for your room acoustics. Although a stone wall looks very cool.
Good or bad? It's "bad", but....
Suggest that you note the texture of the wall at Hanson Audio, and also the distance separating speakers from the wall. Both distance and texture can mitigate hard reflective surfaces that otherwise might seriously damage a good sound image.

Let's face it. Stone, glass, and other hard, smooth surfaces are just facts of life for those of us without dedicated audio rooms. But there's a wealth of information out there on how to address these issues, and some very good paid consultants as well.

Glancing through the "Systems" section on Audiogon might give you some ideas. Think wall hangings, other absorptive materials strategically placed, etc.

And if you can possibly avoid it, please DON'T mount your big flatscreen TV between your speakers!

Good luck with your project,and please let us hear more about what you decide.
Hey Theo, just wanted to let you know that we were posting at at the same time, so I wasn't commenting on your tv placement. I have the same problem in one room (WAF issue!) and it does make a difference.
Sandstone. No problem, and I do agree. Not having a dedicated room is a bummer. Especially in the age of the ever growing TV.
I built a sandstone wall behind my speakers a few years ago and the sound transformation was absolutely awesome. I suggest it highly. The music just seemed to be more natural and musical. One caveat, you will need to treat the room on the other walls to really take advantage of the stonewall behind the speakers. The sound will be more diffus and energetic, you will notice a more dynamic midrange with lots of energy focused towards all of the walls in front of the speakers.