Stolen gear

Last summer, a Kora Eclipse preamp, TG Audio Line Sucker and other items were stolen from my storage unit in Los Angeles. The thieves did not take the 2nd box which had the independent dedicated power supply and dedicated remote control for the preamp. This component is dependent on the remote control to power on/off and switch inputs. There are no on-board chassis controls – other than volume. IOW, the unit is useless w/o the remote control.

With some Google detective work, I discovered the line of possession of the Kora Eclipse preamp – from Ebay - sold to Audiogon member #1 – then re-sold to Audiogon member #2 in Canada. The Serial # PE02B109 is confirmed by the photos in the classified ads. I have sent internal emails to both Audiogon members. I offered to reimburse the purchase price of $350 so there would be no financial loss. Member #1 was very courteous and expressed concern – but, did not have the unit any longer. Member #2, has the preamp, but has not responded – to two of my emails. I have learned that he fashioned a power supply – but cannot operate the unit w/o the dedicated remote control.

I would like to have the component back. It was not insured. Member #2 has 100% positive feedback on Audiogon with glowing comments. Yet, for some reason, he isn’t responding to this unfortunate situation. The solution is readily available. Any suggestions?
When did you email Member#2? For example I travel a lot and when out of country occasionally don't check mail for a few weeks, people get ill or have to handle something taking all their time - so if your emails are recent, give it a bit of time.
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I know this does not solve your problem but I wonder if you contacted eBay and explained to them a member sold stolen equipment.
Your title says it is "stolen" gear.
Your offer to buy back "your" stolen gear is generous but, seriously, your stuff was stolen, report it to the police. It would be interesting to hear the story given to the buyers as to why the preamp was not all together.
Flea-bay is unlikely to give a rat's patoot. I had a collection of folding knives stolen a couple of years ago. Several were rather distinctive and showed up on flea-bay within a few months from sellers within 500 miles of my home. My local police and I both contacted them to no avail. Of course, I did not have serial #s but they never even responded to me.
Time to kick ass and take names!!
Call a detective in his area and explain the situation. You will get very clear feedback on your next move. The real thing to consider-- is it worth your time with the court system? If not...

Find out where he lives and hire a driver with a helmet to take down the front 1/3 of his house. Once all the beams are sagging and ready to collapse, run in and grab your piece, and anything else that looks good, and get the hell out! Throw a few flea market smoke bombs along the way.

All set.
Just to confirm.

You can't take good title to any property through a thief. And not knowing it was stolen is no defense.
Actually not knowing it is stolen is a defense for receiving stolen property.
Maybe a defense from prosecution but the buyer still cannot keep the stolen goods they purchased.
In thinking about this further; if you can confirm the serial #s, you can probably get possession back through the PD in the municipality where the new "owner" resides.
Curious about the outcome??
Audiogon has kicked back a few posts when I tried to name the suspect. They've also kicked back a few posts when I tried to contribute to other forum discussions. So, I guess that I've been flagged. :0 The Canadian PD offered to help if I submitted wads of paperwork. I'm moving on - too many other priorities. Thx for the feedback.
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