Stockfish LPs ??

I recently purchased David Roth Pearl Diver Lp by Stockfish & I would urge vinyl guys to buy this LP. Awesome recording & awesome sonics.
Anyone here have experience the Bassface Swing Trio Plays Gershwin & Bassface Swing Trio A tribute to Cole Porter ?
What kind of music genre are these two LPs ?
Is there vocals to this 2 Lps ?
They are $100/pop so it would be good if someone can share insights on these LPs.

Thanks guys.
I have Bassface Swing Trio plays Gershwin. Great Jazz, the vinyl was a little noisey for $100. Great recording. No vocals if I remember right...

The Sara K on Stockfish is killer good.
I'll go for Sara K. Seems like a good LP...
There CD's and SACDs are great too. They do'nt produce much vinyl. As a taster, try the Vinyl collection, a Sampler of there artists.

I agree with others Sara K's Waterfalls has to be one of the greatest recordings I have heard. You know when you hear the first chord on a CD and think " yes, I am in for a treat". Well this is it, on CD or vinyl

All in all, one of my favourite labels, allbeit hard to get hold of.
What I find interesting is that they can achieve this level of fidelity at plain old 33.3, without the need for four single-sided discs. Opus 3 does a great job with this as well. BTW, the B&W Demo record consists of various Stockfish cuts.
I don't have problems with the Recording and music of Stockfish. I have the D2D recording of Bass face trio Gershwin & Cole Porter. What I've observed was, I didn't do justice to the Songs & Recording. The Bassface trio 'lack soul' in performing tracks. I was expecting they're 100% performance in that record since they know that it will be a cutting edge record. But apparently, they missed the chance showcasing their talents.
sounds good except for the david lee roth part.
Try Stockfish Records Vinyl Collection SFR 357.8006.1

Side 1 Track 1

And fasten your Seatbelt
I have the Stockfisch (sp) Bassface Swing Trio 'A Tribute to Cole Porter' on vinyl and like it a lot. Stockfisch is a German record label.
thanks for the replies guys! appreciate it.
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