Stock Rega arm-wiring -- how Cheesey???


I'm setting up a BIX turntable with a stock Rega RB250 and I bought an upgrade stainless steel counterweight and arm stub. I'm concerned that the stock arm cable appears cheesey, cheap, cheap, cheap. I see a lot of folks upgrading the wiring. My question is: just how terrible is the stock wire? Is it at least listenable?

I also have a Profile II arm, which I was thinking of mounting instead, but I'm concerned that the armboard hole might be in the wrong location (for proper geometry) because the pivot-to-stylus distance is 10mm shorter on the Profile arm.

Any comments or suggestions? If someone has used the stock Rega arm wire and then switched to something better, I'd be interested in hearing your impressions of how the sound improved.

Hey Plato, I had a Rega RB600 arm with stock cable that I was pretty happy with on a Basis TT, until I upgraded to the Vector arm. Check out Galen Carol Audio, ( he has info and Incognito wiring kit upgrades for Rega arms.
Thanks Gslone, I appreciate your experience. I think I'm going to hook it up tomorrow and see what I get. It may not be all that bad. :)
It also depends on your cartridge and listening preferences. I had a Clearaudio MM cartridge that was a great match with the original wired Rega arm- but was too aggressive and detailed with 'upgraded' wiring. Whereas a Shelter sounded much better after the wiring upgrade. The stock Rega wiring is a bit more forgiving, which can be a good thing with less than perfect vinyl and if you are using some MM carts. The counterweight upgrade made an improvement in every case.
Nzera, that's exactly the input I was looking for. I'll be trying it out later today after I install the cartridge and set the platter speed. Many Thanks!
Okay, I finally got the BIX up and running after solving many little snags and snares, and it sounds quite good.

It lacks the fine detailing of my Michell Orbe SE at 5 times the price, but for an entry level turntable costing under $1100 including the arm, counterweight mod, cartridge, and shipping, it sounds very dynamic and lifelike and has very good focus. And the bass kicks serious butt for a tt in this price range. It's tight, articulate, and extended.

I think it's a good, slightly lower-cost alternative to the VPI Scout, although it wasn't as easy to set up and if you need a part it'll ship from Hong Kong, so be prepared to wait!
According to Origin Live - replacing the stock wires makes about a 12% increase in performance.

Now... how they determined that it was 12%, I have no idea...

Have you determined how accurate the speed of the BIX is via strobe or stopwatch? Wow or flutter? Sustained piano notes are often a good test on this latter question. And lastly, did your BIX come with two addition armboards even though you had the Rega mounted? Thanks in advance for your answers.
I have an P-25. The interconnects were very good, the internal arm wiring is only ok, but not the best. I needed to rewire for balanced operation so I got the whole thing done. The difference was dramatic. I was using a Grado Sonata, but upgraded to a MicroBenz Ebony and it REALLY came alive.